• Manufacturer Controlled Content & Offers
  • Turn-key Suttle-Straus Dealer Program
  • On-Time Delivery of Advertising Materials
  • Increased Store Traffic & Sales

Manufacturer Programs

Marketing your products through your dealer or franchisee network is one of the best ways to increase traffic at the retail locations and increase overall sales. Manufacturer initiated advertising programs complete the communication from the producer to the representative to the dealer and ultimately to the consumer. It ensures that your brand message is delivered consistently and properly every time.

As the manufacturer, you control content and specifications by providing approved advertising materials for your network that are easy to use and fully supported by Suttle-Straus personnel. Marketing programs provide incentives for dealers to carry your merchandise, encourages participation with your brand, and strengthens the manufacturer-dealer relationship. Manufacturer initiated programs provide numerous benefits to dealers/franchisees as well.

Dealers can co-brand your advertising medium with full personalization including store logo and local information and, if desired, product pricing. Advertising can be print-on-demand or scheduled to run at designated intervals – giving your network the opportunity to cash in on quantity discounts based on the overall print run. Manufacturer programs allow dealers that typically could not afford to run quality full color advertising the opportunity to use approved creative and piggy-back with other dealers for quality advertising at an affordable price.

Suttle-Straus can be your consultant for designing a program that will be effective, creating the advertising tools, assisting you with your calendar of advertising events, and working with your dealer network on deadlines, proofs, distribution, invoicing and payment. Finally, a turn-key, win-win program that really does drive sales!