• Digital Print on Demand
  • Targeted, Personalized Campaigns
  • Sophisticated Variable Software
  • Online Storefronts

Digital & Variable

Know your target! The key to increasing response rates and getting the most for your marketing dollar is to connect with your customers in a more personal way. With the latest variable technology we can develop a marketing campaign that is customer specific, allowing you to change text and images on a per piece basis to deliver a highly targeted message.

How do we do it? By utilizing today’s most advanced variable solution software, GMC, we can integrate data and variable composition in minutes. Think about very customer-specific information like banking or insurance information. Your solution is data driven, highly conditional and completely scalable providing accurate, fast turn-around that delivers measurable results. You can see improvements like an increased average order value or a boost in the average dollar amount generated per piece. The Ho-Chunk Nation uses variable technology for a monthly birthday program that delivers a personalized message and offer to a consumer during their birth month. Not there yet? With a Campaign Management solution from Suttle-Straus we will show you how to get more information from your existing clients so you can market to them more effectively in the future.

Print on demand digital saves time and money with short runs and reduced inventory. By printing only what you need we eliminate warehousing items that may become obsolete. Suttle-Straus G7 color match ensures offset quality regardless of the device we use to print your work.

Have a dealer or franchisee network? Manage your brand online with your own web portal. Allowing access to approved advertising materials that can be personalized, ordered and printed on demand allows you to maintain a consistent message throughout your marketing. You can react quickly and provide new offers at any time while reducing inventory and providing your network with instant solutions. If your network is not currently advertising your brand they will be with an easy online solution that gets your message to the market.