• Print up to 10.5 Feet Wide - Unlimited Length
  • Print on Materials up to 2” Thick
  • Thousands of Indoor and Outdoor Use Substrates
  • Hardware Application and Installation Services Available

Grand Imaging

Grand Imaging is connecting with you on your drive to work, at the theater, in museums, airports and in the store. Display advertising is here to stay and its volume is increasing daily. Not just for advertising purposes, grand imaging is revolutionizing product development allowing print on furniture, toys, murals, flooring and much more.

How can you make your message, your product or your brand stand out?

Size When bigger is better call Suttle-Straus. Discover how U.S.  Cellular gets their message seen with large format print displayed on non-traditional surfaces – big impact, smart use of advertising dollars.

Shape We can cut, slice, route, chop quickly and efficiently – no die-cut needed.

Substrate Choose from substrates that allow your message to sparkle, shine, reflect, glitter or glow. Using a unique substrate can authenticate your look, give images an added layer of texture and interest.

Color. Exciting new white ink capabilities allow us to layer colors, apply color to very dark  surfaces and develop eye-popping images worthy of a second glance. See it to believe it.

Impress, connect and win new customers with the power of Suttle-Straus Grand Imaging.