S4 MRC Release June 2018


Release Date: June 23, 2018

With major enhancements in every area of the program, the latest release of the S4 Marketing Resource Center is packed with features that improve the overall experience for both administrators and end users. Here’s a quick recap, highlighting some of the new features:

Media Builder  The Media Builder in S4 can now be switched to run on HTML5 instead of Flash. Users would no longer need to worry about enabling Flash in the web browser to customize templates. Media Builder also has full spellcheck capabilities with custom dictionaries for branded terms. You can also pull multiple locations into a single media builder template.

Streamlined Checkout – Completing an order in S4 now take less clicks. Individual users can also now save credit card info for faster orders in the future!

Additional Download Formats – You can now get downloadable products as both PDFs and JPEGs. You can also share a download item via email right from within the S4 cart.

Swap Print and Download Items – Now you can swap products between a printable and a downloadable version without having to re-customize a template.

Product Inventory – Users can subscribe to product alerts to see when new art is uploaded or when an out-of-stock item is restocked into inventory. Inventory item quantities can also be hidden by admins to just show "in stock" or "out of stock".

Subscription Products If you have products you would like to order on a recurring basis this can now be set to automatically repeat on a set time schedule with a saved credit card.

Easy Re-Orders  Users can create requisition lists for items that are commonly ordered together. Quick Views can also be used to see what items were included in a past order.

Global Address Book – Admins can create a global address book that allows users to ship to pre-approved addresses of local stores. Address validation is also automatically run on the checkout shipping screen.

Paired Products – Products that must be ordered as a pair can now be required to be ordered together. It will not allow a user to checkout unless both items are ordered. For a package of items that should always be ordered together (like a grand opening) admins can create Event checklists with product ordering recommendations.

User Experience – After adding an item to your cart, you can use the "Continue Shopping" button to go back to the category you came from. Also, you can now search for items within a specific category.

To see a demo or receive training on these new features in action, please contact us.

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