• Custom Programming for Database Setups
  • Data Cleaning & Profiling
  • Demographic Studies & List Acquisition
  • Secure Data Transmission & Storage

Data Management

The People You Know aka Existing Customers
You most likely have the most valuable asset to grow your business and increase sales, but are you using it? Existing customers already have a relationship with you, have purchased from you in the past, and are familiar with the quality of your offerings. Maintaining and updating your existing database – or even developing one – will produce results when you take advantage of Suttle-Straus data services.

Secure data transmission and storage insures that your customer information is safe and confidential. Custom report generation, geographic mapping and tracking customer information and response can all be incorporated into your data solution.

Cleaning your mailing list eliminates duplicates and incomplete addresses, updates incorrect information and provides change of address information. With nearly 17% of the population moving annually, cleaning can amount to significant savings.

Profiling your mailing list provides an in-depth analysis of your existing customers allowing you to target people in your market that match the same demographic characteristics.

People You Would Like to Know aka Prospects
Do you know or want to know the demographics of your existing clientele? At Suttle-Straus we can use your target information to obtain prospects in your market that look like your existing customers. Imagine qualified, pre-approved prospects delivered to you…not a bad idea!

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