From hospitals and clinics to pharmaceuticals, healthcare marketers encounter a variety of challenges when crafting campaigns that resonate with prospects and customers alike.

With a number of complicated legal regulations in place, connecting with consumers through targeted local marketing initiatives while ensuring every action is compliant with state and federal law can be a difficult task.

To help healthcare companies reach their marketing objectives more easily, we’ve build customized brand portals to provide clinics and remote sales teams flexible media building features while ensuring compliance is met through stringent approval features.

Sales representatives, facility administrators, stakeholders, franchisees, managers, physicians and others can be organized and given unique access to various brand assets and marketing resources. Your portal's brand compliance capabilities ensure all distributed marketing products adhere to brand standards and legal requirements while giving end users the power to localize their message.

See How It Works

Ensure brand and regulatory compliance

Key elements such as company logos, tag lines, regulatory statements and anything else related to brand or legal compliance can be applied as unmodifiable components of your design.

Local customization options

Personalizing your brand’s marketing message can be difficult to accomplish when end user networks become large and complicated. A customized brand portal puts powerful yet easy-to-use media building and eCommerce tools directly in the hands of your affiliates to give healthcare companies a cost-effective solution to local marketing.

Distribute campaigns faster than ever before

With so many branding and legal hurdles to jump through before a campaign can make its way to prospects and customers, workflow efficiency is incredibly important in the healthcare industry. With your own customized brand portal, it’s easy to create and upload design assets and create campaigns your affiliates can customize and order in just a matter of minutes.