Suttle-Straus’ innovative distributed marketing system provides exactly the kinds of multi-channel marketing solutions insurance providers need to connect with their wide networks of local affiliates.

From initial campaign planning to production and distribution, Suttle-Straus simplifies complex insurance marketing supply chains to deliver campaigns through any number of channels.

See How It Works

Strengthen Local Affiliates

Using a customized brand portal, it’s easy to connect your corporate marketing organization to each of your local affiliates by allowing agents to customize campaigns to fit their local market without sacrificing brand and regulatory standards. Combine this with Suttle-Straus’ unique ability to produce, kit and distribute marketing products in-house and the advantages to insurance providers becomes abundantly clear.

Generate qualified leads

Marketing your policies effectively means tailoring the message to fit specific local markets. To make that message as compelling as possible, we’ve designed a distributed marketing solution that puts the power of customization directly in the hands of those who know the local market best: your agents. 

Armed with powerful corporate marketing templates, agents can combine professional branding and corporate messaging with customized local information to focus their efforts on converting qualified leads to enter your sales pipeline.

Automate corporate management

A customized brand portal gives insurance providers the ability to free up corporate marketing team members to focus on strategy rather than day-to-day management. With powerful automation features, marketing resources for trade shows and other local campaigns can be customized and ordered by agents and affiliate networks from the easy-to-use media building and eCommerce platform.

Get a clear picture of ROI

With an all-in-one distributed marketing system, insurance providers can allocate marketing resources with extreme accuracy while maintaining cost effectiveness when planning and executing a wide range of local initiatives. Consolidated vendor management tools and reporting features give you a clear direction of where to go next with future campaigns.

Apply Global Strategies Locally

Your portal's media building capabilities let agents leverage local market data directly in their customized marketing pieces. Template-based products ensure brand standards are followed when variable data is applied. With an automated approval process, you maintain complete brand control while simplifying your workflow simultaneously.