Personalizing Your Marketing with Location Data

Research has found that consumers crave a personalized advertising experience and that 71% of respondents prefer ads tailored to interests and shopping habits.

Personalization increases the relevance of a direct mail piece, which in turn increases the likelihood that it will resonate with a prospect and they will respond to it.

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Fore or Five Swag Ideas for Your Next Golf Tournament or Outdoor Event

During the pandemic, many people have taken the opportunity to work on their golf game - we've heard from local clubs that rounds played in 2020 jumped 15-20% when compared to the previous year.

If your target customer or prospect is on the golf course regularly, then a promotional product can be a great gift to keep your branding top of mind. Here are four (fore!) or five ideas to get you started:

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Strategies to Increase Franchisee Participation in Local Marketing Efforts

Corporate franchisor marketing teams put in countless hours and Herculean effort into the overarching marketing strategy that protects the brand and serves the franchisees. The most successful 'zors provide their 'zees with a Marketing Playbook featuring all the approved marketing channels, collateral, assets, examples and how-to's making marketing at the local level easy, affordable, and attainable. They know that when franchisees win, everyone wins.

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Save Money On Your Mail with USPS 2021 Postage Promotions

The USPS has received permission to move ahead with six postage promotions for mailers this year. The 2021 promotions are similar to the past two year's promotions. The promotions for First Class Mail are Earned Value and Personalized and Preprinted Color Transpromo. The Emerging & Technology and the Informed Delivery promotions can use either First Class Mail or Marketing Mail, while the Tactile, Sensory & Interactive Engagement and Mobile Shopping promos are only for Marketing Mail.

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Design Tips and Tricks from the 2020 Adobe Max Conference

For all of the challenges that 2020 has thrown at us, there have been some bright spots as well. Most recently, the Adobe MAX conference was converted to a digital experience, as so many things have been. But more importantly, the registration fee was waived for all. Adobe saw the need to do its part to spark as much creativity as possible, while showcasing its incredible suite of tools for the creatives of the world of all experience levels.

Here are some of the most interesting new design tips and tricks our team took from the conference:

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