5 Steps to Take Annually to Ensure Brand Consistency

Brand consistency helps improve the strength of a brand over time through increased awareness. In the eyes of your customers and prospects, a consistent brand instantly makes your company more:

  • Recognizable
  • Dependable
  • Trustworthy

But what activities help keep a brand consistent? Here are five exercises that should be done on an annual basis:

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The Top 5 Mistakes Made with FSI Marketing and How to Fix Them

It is likely that free-standing insert (FSI) deals are delivered to your home in the form of a weekly grocery shopper, whether or not you are a subscriber to your local newspaper. So why has this form of advertising persisted even though newspaper subscriptions have declined? Because it's still an effective form of mass advertising that delivers results for national brands and local stores alike.

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6 Best Practices for Grand Opening Success

The grand opening of a new location can ultimately determine the overall success or failure of the business. After all, you don't get more than one chance to make a first impression in your community. When it comes to local marketing, here is some advice to follow that can help ensure your franchise starts off with the greatest chance of success.

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