Add Uniqueness to Your Marketing Pieces with Coatings

Just like adding different spices and seasonings can create unique flavor profiles for a meal, using a specialty coating on your marketing piece can help communicate your distinct style or add a tactile reinforcement of your messaging.

But using spices and seasoning can be intimidating for an amateur cook who doesn't know the difference between cumin and nutmeg and how much of each to move a dish from good to great. In the same way, designers and marketers need to know how to use a coating to achieve a desired visual affect.

Consider the following advice as your "cookbook" for coatings:

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New Year, New Ideas: Marketing Printspirations for 2019

Every year, we like to push the envelope with our holiday card, trying new techniques and showcasing our capabilities. With this in mind, our holiday card this year featured an accordion folded card with ten pockets, bound by a belly band, and shrink wrapped to create a self-mailing piece. Recipients were instructed to open one pocket per day, each contained a different marketing resolution idea for the new year. The exterior was made up of two pieces that were rotated 180 degrees to complete the card. Both halves of the exterior utilized a single die, which allowed it to run on a smaller press sheet, helping save on total cost. See a video of how it was made and get a sample of this piece here.

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A Novice's Guide to Picking Paper for Print

Since paper can be up to half of the costs associated with a printing project, choice of paper is a important consideration when planning any marketing campaign. The paper you choose can affect how your digital designs translate to the real world, but many marketers do not receive training about how to evaluate paper options. Here is a short guide for paper novices:

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Business Cards: 5 Ways to Go Beyond the Basics

Business cards are small, but they are mighty. In fact, they may be the most overlooked piece of marketing material at your disposal. But this small item is the one thing that represents you at your first introduction to a new potential prospect, partner or employee. What impression does it give of you and your company?

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8 Ideas for Your Next Pocket Folder Design

The pocket folder. It's a classic piece of marketing collateral that almost every company uses for representing their brand and distributing materials. But it can also be an overlooked area for differentiation for your business. Here are eight ideas for your next pocket folder design:

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