An infographic is a way to show key data points and information in a visually appealing way so that it's easier for the reader to digest. Our infographics were created by our in-house creative team and based on our experiences and thorough research.

12 Different Uses for QR Codes

Learn about 12 different uses for QR codes you may not have thought about. Then try it out and add one to your next print project!


Collateral Audit

When's the last time you conducted an audit of your marketing collateral? This helpful infographic will help you decide what to keep and toss.



Omnichannel Marketing Stats

Ready to plan your first omnichannel marketing campaign? Learn the statistics of each of four potential channels to use with the benefits of each.



7 Direct Mail Stats You Need to Know

If you are considering adding direct mail to your marketing mix, download this infographic to learn 7 important direct mail stats you need to know.


Binding Cheat Sheet

Learn about 14 different binding options in this handy infographic that depicts real-life examples, average page counts, common uses and more.

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Direct Mail Delivered 2x Faster

See how a customized marketing portal streamlines the traditional workflow of getting a direct mailer from an idea and into the hands of consumers.

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Direct Mail Technologies

This infographic provides a side-by-side comparison of four primary direct mail technologies that you could use in your next campaign.  



Customized Brand Portal Decision Tree

Unsure if you would benefit from implementing a customized brand portal? Through answering a series of questions, this infographic will help you decide.


Printing With Variable Data

Learn how variable data printing works and how to use your data to create more effective, personalized print campaigns with this free infographic.

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Wide Format Substrates Cheat Sheet

This handy cheat sheet is a visually appealing infographic that breaks down seven common substrates based on the durability, flexibility and cost of each.


From Junk Mail to Dynamic Mail

In this infographic, learn how the new dynamic approach to direct mail transforms brands, increases sales, and encourages customer loyalty.