300x200Growing franchises cite similar challenges when it comes to scaling their local marketing efforts.

"We're growing fast and our marketing team is struggling to keep up with requests from local franchisees."

If this sounds familiar, it’s time to consider a better solution.

Suttle-Straus helps franchises plan, create and execute local marketing campaigns by putting powerful marketing tools directly in the hands of franchisees. Using a customized brand portal, corporate creative teams can create branded design templates that franchisees can personalize to create local campaigns that better resonate with their unique market while saving time and money in the process.

In addition to a suite of design tools, a marketing portal also gives franchisees access to a variety of local mailing lists they can customize to target specific demographics of potential customers.

With a fully-designed campaign approved and ready to execute, orders are processed, printed, kitted and shipped directly from our facility, decreasing time-to-market while ensuring accuracy with each order.


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Supporting Local Store Marketing Through Aggressive Growth

Learn how a customized brand portal was an ideal solution to meet the needs of the Goldfish Swim School franchise.

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Create branded templates anyone can customize

Your franchisees don’t need any design or software experience to create amazing campaigns. Our design tools are simple and intuitive. Whether it’s text, imagery, or formatting, a brand portal allows everyone to create amazing marketing assets.

Corporate approval options ensure all campaigns meet brand standards

Worried about quality control? Our marketing portals make it easy to implement a simple approval system that allows your corporate team to sign off on any projects before they’re ordered.

Increase the success rate of your promotions

Use your portal's local market insight tools to target your ideal customer faster and more effectively than the competition. Track your offers and optimize future campaigns to see continual improvement over time.

Customize your message while keeping complete brand control

A marketing portal allows Toppers Pizza to store location and menu pricing information for every store and automatically localize any marketing piece with that specific information. Instead of creating 100 versions of a mailer, they only have to create one!

Find out how Toppers saved thousands of dollars. Get the case study.