Direct Mail


Direct mail remains of one the most effective marketing tools for measuring the ROI of your efforts, especially when managed by experienced marketing experts. Statements, catalogs, envelopes, self-mailers and postcards––we provide end-to-end direct mail solutions to thousands of letters, flats, and parcels mailed directly from our facility each day.

Partnering with us gives you more than just amazing direct mail campaigns. Our teams provide exclusive access to Certified Mail Design Professionals and direct mail fulfillment services to help you manage your direct mail efforts with ease and efficiency for continuous improvement.

Whether it’s a design question, mailing list update, data management task or a nation-wide mail drop schedule, Suttle-Straus has tools and experience needed to plan and execute successful direct mail campaigns that incorporate all cross-marketing channels.


Direct Mail Infographic

A proud USPS Alliance partner

Looking for a partner with ideas on reducing mailing costs? Because we mail over 34 million pieces per year, Suttle-Straus is a USPS Alliance Partner.

All mail is verified directly at our facility allowing us to drop-ship mail to post offices throughout the country. This provides a cost-effective shipping system while ensuring timely in-home delivery––just one example of how we can save you money on direct mail.

List acquisition

An accurate list is crucial to a successful direct-mail campaign. We secure the most recent lists based on up-to-date demographically segmented contacts and targeted local postal route information.

Using acquired list systems powered by Excelsior aggregation we guarantee at least 93% accuracy to ensure your materials end up exactly where they need to be.

Data Management

In 2013, the USPS processed 39.7 million change-of-address requests––equaling roughly 12% of the U.S. population. With contact information changing so rapidly, maintaining accurate contact lists is essential.

The accuracy of your in-house mailing list depends on your mailing provider’s ability to keep it clean and updated regularly. To ensure you're data is accurate, we regularly cleanse existing contact data using Delivery Point Validation, NCOA and Address Change Services. To help you track your mail IMBD tools can provide delivery notification and help you execute on multi-channel campaigns seamlessly.