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Direct Mail Download

When it comes to direct mail you want results and we can deliver them. Direct mail is one of the best marketing tools to measure your ROI. It’s credible and enjoys a longer shelf-life in the home. When you choose Suttle-Straus the team assigned to your account will include a Mail Support Specialist to handle design questions, mail list updating, data management, planning nation wide mail drop schedules, mail tracking and back end analytics. Suttle-Straus has all the experience and the tools to plan a successful direct mail campaign, as well as incorporating all of your cross-marketing channels. When used in combination with other advertising forms direct mail can yield a much improved response.

Direct Mail Tips

Want a partner with ideas on how to reduce mailing costs? Because we mail over 75 million pieces per year, Suttle-Straus is an Alliance Partner of the USPS. Mail is verified at our facility allowing us to drop-ship mail to delivering post offices throughout the country. Not only does this provide savings on postage, but it also ensures timely in-home delivery. This is just one example of how we can save you money on direct mail — connect with us today for more innovative ideas.

Statements, catalogs, envelopes, self-mailers and postcards– we do them all. Thousands of letters, flats and parcels are mailed from our facility daily. If your project requires personalized, four-color printing, roll-to-roll, digital imaging or inkjet addressing, we have the ability to do custom addressing applications. Contact us for more information about specialized applications such as automated match inserting, affixing postage stamps, labels, dot whacks or repositionable notes.