• Multi-Media Marketing Package
  • Instant Reporting and Dashboard Results
  • Personalized and General URLs
  • ROI Calculator

Campaign Management

It takes time to develop relationships with your consumers. The ability to interact and quickly respond requires a new set of talents; a new level of trust in technology and the people you are depending on to deliver your message. Connecting existing customers with your products starts with the offer and ends with measuring the results and effectiveness of your message. Using an integrated marketing approach, like Suttle-Straus Campaign Management Services, can be the most effective way to measure your marketing.

We’ll take your data and creative vision and personalize a direct mail piece so everyone receiving it gets something that speaks directly to their needs complete with a personalized URL. Customers will then be driven to a micro site where they will answer a few questions, update their contact information and collect the offer. Suttle-Straus will exceed your expectations, hit your dates and maintain brand consistency within the campaign. How? By providing project management, creative services, website and micro-site production services, personalized URLs (PURLs), printing, direct mail, email follow-up and to close the loop – analytics and reporting all done in-house. This suite of bundled services will successfully implement your marketing campaign and increase your success. One client and one conversion at a time.

Each campaign has the ability to measure and take action on recipient responses in real time. Suttle-Straus uses response triggers to instantly contact your sales representatives whenever someone shows an interest in a product. When customers access the targeted PURL micro site and answer questions an email is generated and sent directly to a sales representative for follow-up. Powerful and fast! The information/data you gain from your customers can then be used to create another, even more focused leads campaign.

Campaign success is about your return on investment (ROI). The ROI for each campaign Suttle-Straus works on can be calculated on the fly, and at any time. Interested in learning more about how a Campaign Management Solution can work for your business? We want to help you grow your business and achieve a greater response from your marketing efforts contact us today to learn more.