Technology Services

Just like your business, technology is always moving forward. It seems that right now technology is advancing at break-neck speeds. When you seek a technology solution for your business you want to work with a forward-looking company that has seasoned technology specialists. . When you choose Suttle-Straus you can have confidence in our exceptional team of creatives, developers, programmers and project managers for consultative interaction and outstanding solutions. Suttle-Straus offers technology services for business to business (B2B) communications including: Web Portals for inventory and fulfillment management; eCommerce sites with asset management; and, Web to print applications. Our business to consumer communication (B2C) is available through Campaign Management packages.

B2B marketing is about technology driven solutions for automating all the different ways you deliver your marketing and branding materials to people and locations representing your products and services. Allow your network to access a marketing Storefront Missing id. complete with all of your multi-channel marketing assets from static items to print on demand materials –all supported by online ordering, proofing, payment and customer service. You may also choose to manage your inventory including instant ordering as inventory is reduced, fulfill customer orders or leads programs and track orders through a Web Portal.

Campaign Management services serve the growing need for personalized, targeted marketing campaigns using email, direct mail, and web presence technologies. Suttle-Straus provides all these services in-house including micro sites, PURLs, eblasts, data management and return on investment reporting.

Suttle-Straus Analytics and Reporting opens a window to metrics and reporting data generated by our products as solutions. This includes real time inventory tracking and B2B inventory management, web order history reporting, custom reports and website analytics.

At Suttle-Straus we are constantly moving forward. Developing proven technology solutions that provide a return on investment and long-term cost savings to our clients is a hallmark of our business.