Brand Marketing Software


Your brand strategy just got easier

Efficiency has never been more important to businesses big and small. More are turning to new tools that help them get more done for less. To help organizations increase the efficiency of their distributed brand marketing initiatives, we’ve created an innovative new platform designed to streamline the marketing management process from initial design to final distribution.

The S4 Marketing Resource Center makes it easy to deliver brand marketing campaigns consistently across all channels by closing the gap between corporate marketing control and your end users.

Whether it’s sending a direct marketing campaign locally, updating in-store displays, or any other distributed marketing action, we’ve combined versatile eCommerce and media building tools into one comprehensive platform to simplify your workflow while simultaneously allowing for centralized marketing control.

How does it work?

The S4 Marketing Resource Center addresses one of the biggest problems businesses continue to struggle with: How do we empower our end users to create customized marketing materials while enforcing brand control at the same time?

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Powerful media
building features

Until now, businesses have been forced to choose between high quality marketing materials and tools simple enough for their end users to use on their own. With the S4 Marketing Resource Center, your local networks can create stunning branded marketing pieces using a simple yet powerful media builder.

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Streamlined eCommerce tools

In addition to offering a powerful media builder, the S4 MRC features a robust eCommerce platform making it easy for end users to browse, search and order the marketing materials they need.

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