Your Back-to-Business Omnichannel Marketing Campaign

Speaker: Suttle-Straus Direct Mail Team
Cost: Complimentary

The Suttle-Straus team has been strategizing and putting together new solutions to help you get "back to business" for the end of the year. Join us for an exciting webinar where you can learn how to easily execute an omnichannel marketing campaign combining direct mail, email, social media and web retargeting for accelerated results!

Our new Connected Mail solution brings you the benefits of integrating direct mail with digital marketing without big spends in time or money. The result is 23-46% higher response over direct mail alone.


Learn about the 7 technologies you can add on to your direct mail in one streamlined omnichannel campaign package. All channels will play off of one another to create a marketing powerhouse at one of the most cost-effective price points on the market to deliver results. Your back-to-business campaign includes:

1. Mail Tracking
2. Informed Delivery Emails
3. Social Media Follow Up Retargeting
4. Google Ad Follow-Up Retargeting
5. Social Matching to Facebook and Instagram Profiles
6. Call Tracking and Recording
7. Lead Match

Want your website to work harder for you through the end of 2020? We'll also show you how you can create a mailing list from your website visitors to create a retargeting mailing list, without them having to take any action or give you their contact information so you can follow up with customers that have shown interest.

We'll track and report on all of the above through a transparent dashboard so you can see firsthand your marketing dollars at work - accelerating your response, customer engagement and business.

Watch this free 45-minute recorded webinar to see how you can use the new Suttle-Straus Connected Mail service to increase brand awareness and conversion in the most cost-effective way possible to accelerate your 4th quarter results.

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