How to Tell the Right Story for Your Brand


Speaker: Sean Mullen, VP and Creative Director at Hiebing
Cost: Complimentary, sponsored by Suttle-Straus

When it comes to making an emotional connection with your customers, nothing means more than a story. Join Sean Mullen, VP and Creative Director of Hiebing, as he walks through the fundamentals of great brand storytelling.

This webinar will explore the following topics:
- Why Stories Matter
- What is a Brand Story?
- How do you tell your story?
- Real-life examples of big brand storytelling

About the Speaker:
S_Mullen250.jpgSean lives to inspire great work—ideas that surprise, engage and differentiate—bringing great brands stories to life. Recognized by nearly every important communications annual and award show, Sean has led the way in building Hiebing’s sterling reputation for outstanding and effective creative work.

Providing a unique blend of creative curiosity and pragmatic business sense, he’s constantly pushing teams to explore new platforms and technologies, and evolve quickly in ways that will most benefit our clients. From repositioning Famous Footwear to fueling Culver’s growth to driving Schneider dominance, there isn’t a business that has turned to Hiebing since the start of the new millennium that hasn’t benefited from Sean’s sharp thinking.

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