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InformedDeliveryInformed Delivery for Non-Profits

Speaker: Theresa Aide and Maeghan Nicholson of Suttle-Straus
Cost: Complimentary

We live in a digital world. But when it comes to fundraising for nonprofits, direct mail is still the king. But what if there was a way you could get a second copy of your direct mail message right into the email inbox of your donor, in beautiful color with a linkable call to donate, on the day their mail piece will arrive in their mailbox.

Informed Delivery is a new feature offered by USPS that provides consumers with digital previews of their household mail arriving soon. Non-profit mailers can integrate digital campaign elements to enhance and extend the "mail moment".

Just another way to provide a delightful moment for your donors.

And according to the USPS, response rates go up by 30 percent when marketers use email and direct mail together, compared to direct mail alone. Informed Delivery can elevate your fundraising as you look for new ways to integrate your digital and print efforts into one cohesive campaign.

Learn about how you can use Informed Delivery to improve your fundraising campaign results by giving your mail a multi-channel boost.

Watch our recorded webinar and download the slides to learn:

  • What is Informed Delivery and how it works
  • Tips for creating your first Informed Delivery campaign
  • Real life examples from non-profits using this tool
  • How you can get a discount on postage by using Informed Delivery

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