Postage Savings Opportunities in 2024 with New USPS Promotions

Speaker: Rob Hanks, Certified Mailpiece Design Expert at Suttle-Straus
Cost: Complimentary

Rob-StampsIn this free webinar, you can learn about the six promotions the USPS is offering for mail campaigns in 2024. We will discuss each promotion individually and how you can capture cost savings on postage for your mail campaigns by participating.

  1. Tactile, Sensory and Interactive
  2. Personalized Color Transpromo
  3. Emerging Technology & Mobile Shopping
  4. Reply Mail IMbA
  5. Informed Delivery
  6. Retargeting

About the Speaker:
Rob Hanks is a mail expert at Suttle-Straus with more than 25 years of experience in direct mail. Rob has been Certified as a Mailpiece Design Professional through the United States Postal Service and serves as the Industry Co-Chairperson for the Greater Madison Area Postal Customer Council. Rob enjoys the challenges of mailpiece design within postal regulations and helping clients save on postage costs.

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