Convert Website Visitors Into Leads and Revenue

Speaker: Suttle-Straus Direct Mail Team

ShoppingCartDid you know you can create a list of leads from your website WITHOUT having visitors complete a single form field?

According to Google Analytics, 96% of the people visiting your website leave without taking any action. If all of your marketing channels are driving traffic to your website but only convert 4% of the visitors, how can you find out who these visitors are and send them relevant offers quickly?

In this webinar you can learn how to grab anonymous website visitors, retarget them with direct mail, and return them to convert on abandoned shopping carts, non-profit donation campaigns, or repeat loyalty purchases.

This webinar covers:

  • How to capture visitors to your website and get their address, without the use of a single form
  • How you can use time, date and pages visited by the individual to create an urgent call to action
  • What retargeted direct mail is
  • How retargeted direct mail can help increase average order size, decrease abandoned shopping carts and drive a 9-18% response rate

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