Make Your Marketing Pop: Engage Your Senses with Print

There are some things that email, social media, and digital marketing just can't do. Engaging your audience through multiple senses ensures your marketing efforts capture the attention of your recipients. This mailer features four different techniques that involve the sense of TOUCH to make marketing materials more impactful:

1. Flood of Soft Touch Coating

When you run your fingers over the paper it just feels good. Soft touch coatings can take a cheap paper and make it feel luxurious. Luxury brands use soft touch to elevate their marketing to match the high quality of the products they sell.

2. Pearlescent Gloss Coating

See that sparkle? A pearlescent gloss coating was added to certain elements of the mailer to highlight two different textures and appearance.

3. Die Cut Window

Peek-a-boo! A diecut in the cover of a piece giving a sneak peek of the inside helps your marketing piece say "Open me!" by peaking curiousity.

4. Perforated P's

The letter P's on the mailer have been perforated so you can pop them out and play with them. Adding a bit of interactivity to a marketing piece improves its stickiness in the minds of recipients.


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