Now to Wow Videos

The Now to Wow video library features projects from start to completion, highlighting various areas of production. See how a project goes through our facility and gain insight into what it takes to produce impactful marketing pieces.


We hosted a Paper Show event featuring Aaron Draplin as a keynote speaker. Our Creative team designed an interactive invite, signage, a Field Guide program and a set of themed posters for the event.


The Diocese of Trenton partnered with Suttle-Straus to design, print and mail their 2022 Annual Catholic Appeal campaign. Watch how this campaign was created from graphic design conception through distribution.


Musicologie, a new franchise in the children's musical education space, came to our team needing Creative help and a scalable way to source and distribute new student collateral, apparel and promotional products. See how our team met all their needs as a one-stop-shop.


The Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe partnered with Suttle-Straus to design, print and mail their 2022 Cardinal's Annual Appeal campaign. Watch how this campaign was created from graphic design conception through distribution.

2022 American Advertising Federation Awards Invite

This custom event invitation included glossy and textured coatings and gears that really turned to reveal the event details and sponsors.

Archdiocese of Newark 2020 Annual Appeal

The Archdiocese of Newark’s 2020 Annual Appeal was distributed to 211 parishes and mailed to 269,000 households with a goal of raising $8.3 million.

Thank You Card Package

The Suttle-Straus 2019 holiday card encouraged recipients to "pass along the thanks" with a pack of seven blank thank you cards, each designed by a different member of our Creative team.

Little Land Play Gym

Little Land Play Gym, a growing franchise in Austin, came to us needing Creative help and a scalable way to source and distribute marketing materials.

5 Senses - Sight Mailer

Engaging your audience through multiple senses ensures your marketing efforts capture the attention of your recipients. This mailer features a die-cut pop up scene with metallic inks.

TDS Benefits Package

Our team worked across departments to rebrand, design, print and deliver a 16-page stepped booklet with 2019 benefits annual enrollment information for TDS employees.

Interactive New Years Card

Our holiday card featured 10 accordion-folded pockets that each contained a different marketing printspiration. Clients opened a pocket per day to ring in a new year of new ideas.

Ho-Chunk Gaming Loyalty Mailers

Personalized offers to Ho-Chunk Gaming's Rewards Club members are mailed every month based on their tier level and recent play. This helps drive consistent traffic to their casinos.

Comedy Invite and Event Materials

This invite for a company party featuring comedians used fluorescent inks and a unique interactive die cut to reveal event details and a tear-off RSVP card.

5 Senses - Scent Mailer

Engaging your audience through multiple senses ensures your marketing efforts capture the attention of your recipients. This mailer features a scented bubble gum coating to involve the sense of smell.

Toppers Pizza Menu Mailers

See how Toppers Pizza's seasonal promotions get from the S4 Marketing Resource Center into the mailstream for local franchise marketing!

Diocese of La Crosse 2018 Annual Appeal

Beginning with an appeal campaign strategy session, see how this project traveled through our facility for creative development, printing (digitally and offset), trimming and folding, and fulfillment.

5 Senses - Sound Mailer

This mailer features different techniques that involve the senses to make marketing materials more impactful. A die-cut custom capacity mailer comes with a sheet of bubble wrap inside ready for popping. No one can resist popping bubble wrap!

Diocese of Madison 2018 Annual Appeal

2018 was our Creative team's 7th year helping the Diocese of Madison craft their annual appeal campaign. This year included on-site photography for use in their print to match brand consistency with the video components.

5 Senses - Taste Mailer

A die-cut reveal involves the recipient's sense of touch to "pop" open their mailer for a surprise. A package of Pop Rocks were included to activate the sense of taste. No one forgets the experience of trying Pop Rocks!

Secret Decoder Event Invites

This invite and poster for a company event came with pairs of red vinyl decoder glasses so the secret messages within the designs could be read. The invite printed digitally to include variable data including each employee's name and photo and mailed in a red cellophane see-through envelope.

5 Senses - Touch Mailer

Engaging your audience through multiple senses ensures your marketing efforts capture the attention of your recipients. This mailer features four different techniques that involve the sense of TOUCH to make marketing materials more impactful.

Crunch Time Survival Spa Package

This "Crunch Time" Survival Kit was designed to give to clients of EPIC Specialty Benefits during their busiest time of year. There are multiple "reveals" within the kit with something new after each fold and lift of the paper.

Die-Cut Open Gate/Swinger Hybrid Brochure

This super unique and versatile leave-behind brochure for Gressco can be used as a trade show handout, a direct mail piece or hand delivered by sales reps. The gate/swinger hybrid fold format was designed in-house and printed conventionally on our Komori UV press.

Interactive Trade Show Display

This interactive trade show tabletop booth display was custom made by our wide format team and is designed to attract attention and collect sales leads. A cam and gear setup triggers when you pull the handle to collect business cards for a prize drawing and releases a toy car down the track as an attendee gift.

Diocese of La Crosse 2017

The Diocese of La Crosse Diocesan Annual Appeal included more than 100,000 printed pieces with a goal of raising $5.6 million. Beginning with custom creative development, see how this project traveled through our facility for printing (digitally and offset), trimming and folding, and fulfillment.

Temperature-Activated Ink Campaign

This campaign used thermochromic ink to showcase the print capabilities of our Komori. The ink was applied to the invitation, posters, payroll stuffers, meal cards, drink tickets, and four RSVP cards that were randomly inserted with the invitations.

UW–Madison Football Hallways

We brought the gameday experience indoors! These spaces were transformed using various substrates including printed wallpaper, vinyl, acrylic and PVC. Custom stainless steel corner guards were incorporated not only to protect the graphics, but to add visual impact.

Annual Catholic Appeal

The 2017 Annual Catholic Appeal for the Diocese of Madison required the use of virtually every Suttle-Straus service. From initial concept to design, print, mail and fulfillment, see how this unique project came together.

Gressco GV Pro Brochure

A closed gate fold with multiple reveal panels, this brochure was printed conventionally with UV inks on 80# Gloss Cover. All 150,000 pieces were machine folded and featured UV textured dispersion coating.

Middleton High School Yearbook

Watch the 2015-2016 Middleton High School Yearbook go through production - from pre-press to proofing and plating, and then to press and handwork. Designed by the students, this is a project that Middleton High School partners with Suttle-Straus on every year.

Award Plaques

See how this dimensional award plaque starts with our in-house Creative team and is produced by our Wide Format team. Over 80 awards were created using 4-color process and underlaying white ink on a bronze substrate. They were hand assembled with silver standoffs on a black backer.

Event Invitation Mailer

This invite required the use of almost every department at Suttle-Straus. The resulting invitation was a modified iron cross fold which included 5 reveal panels, a perforated RSVP, and 5 nested playing cards inside a dimensional package mailer.

Retailer Product Supplement Catalog

To promote their 2016 Winter/Spring products, Citizen turned to Suttle-Straus to produce a supplement catalog, which included 52 pages with 2 bank laminated tabs and a flood gloss aqueous coating. Each catalog was then finished one of two ways - saddle stitched or plastic spiral bound. In total, 11,400 catalogs were produced.

Interactive Trade Show Booth

See the production behind Suttle-Straus' 2016 interactive trade show booth concept, which dispensed chocolate candies from acrylic tubes and produced a real-time bar graph at events.

Interactive Holiday Calendar

This unique calendar showcased multiple paper stocks and an array of printing techniques from different output devices. It featured stepped perforations and a unique binding solution.

Stitched Booklet Program

See how this 14-page booklet was created to include a wrapped spine cover and exposed stitched binding. This program was created for a luncheon, printed digitally and die-cut.

Zip Strip Holiday Mailer

This zip strip, multi-panel reveal piece was designed as a way to thank customers for their continued commitment. It included hand-written notes of thanks and photos to make the connection between the company and its people.

Adventure Desk Signage

Great Wolf Lodge Resorts needed a fresh look for their adventure desk. With design in hand, they turned to trusted partners, Suttle-Straus to produce their new piece. Catch a sneak peek of the behind the scenes action.

Punch Board

Punch boards date back to 18th century gambling. To update a plywood version for a lighter, portable and updatable solution Suttle-Straus used products like rubber and PVC discs in place of paper.

Interactive Wheel Display

From Suttle-Straus to American Girl stores around the country, witness the engineering of this interactive wheel display.

UW–Madison Arboretum Book

See the creation of this five star rated book on "Prairie Plants of the University of Wisconsin–Madison Arboretum" from start to finish.

Annual Catholic Appeal

The 2016 Diocese of Madison’s Annual Catholic Appeal campaign features unique coatings, multiple languages, direct mail and distribution for a variety of pieces including stationery, brochures, posters and prayer cards.

Toothbrush Demo Box

Watch this commercially printed project get made into a practical and impressive sales tool for promoting tooth brushes, floss and gels.

Playscapes Catalog

See how this catalog comes together with sheetfed and web printing, cutting and binding.

American Girl Box Sleeves

Numerous versions of the American Girl sleeves are prepared with an inline double sided tape applicator.

Giving Thanks Holiday Card

Starting as a square, our 2015 holiday mailer unfolds to a detailed die-cut with nested insert. The process required hand-folding and stuffing into envelopes after being printed, die-cut, and scored.

Iron Cross Self-Mailer

Iron Cross Self-Mailers are an attention-grabbing solution to engage any audience. This piece, mixes it up with a Peek a Boo tipped Magnet and the added efficiency of a multi-feeder and inline plow fold.

Kitting a Large Format Display

To help Society Insurance tell their 100th anniversary story, we built a mobile display consisting of 5 panels and 2 standees with retractable banners. See how it was kitted to make its journey to different events.

Product Binders

Each book contains 321 four-color pages, that were machine collated in sets of 10 and hand assembled. Pages were then 6-hole drilled for a custom, oversized d-ring binder which included 8 tabs. The finished pages were shrink wrapped.

Booklet & Member Cards

Produced in 48 hours, this weekly mailing varies from 50–5,000 with 100% accuracy and HIPAA compliance. It uses data processing, premedia, digital printing, handwork, bindery, mailing, in-house laminating, and die cutting.

Back to School Library Box

Multiple student libraries for multiple grade levels are produced, packaged and shipped by Suttle-Straus.