Project Profile Videos

Hear directly from Suttle-Straus customers about how we helped them deliver their project vision.

Class 101 Franchise Local Marketing

Class 101 is a college planning franchise with 48 locations. Hear from the CEO, Tom Pabin, about how Suttle-Straus helped his franchise with brand consistency through use of an online marketing resource center, providing a one-stop-shop for marketing supplies like print, signage and promotional products.

Special Strong Franchise Local Marketing

Special Strong is an emerging franchise fitness brand with aggressive growth plans. Hear from Daniel Stein, CEO and Founder, about how Suttle-Straus set his franchise up for future success by developing their brand guide and providing a one-stop-shop for marketing supplies like print, apparel and promotional products.

Archdiocese of Newark 2020 Annual Appeal

The Archdiocese of Newark’s 2020 Annual Appeal was distributed to 211 parishes and mailed to 269,000 households with a goal of raising $8.3 million. Hear from Kelly Lati, Director of the Annual Appeal, about the unique things they tried in 2020 that helped improve their campaign results.

Diocese of Duluth 2020 United Catholic Appeal

The Diocese of Duluth has 68 different letters from each parish priest for their parishoners. Suttle-Straus took all these letters along with photos from each parish and combined them into one print job and one mailstream, which offered the diocese savings on printing costs and postage!


Hear from Heidi Duss, Manager of Diversity & Inclusion, Wellness and Community Engagement at Summit Credit Union, about how Suttle-Straus helped her create a welcoming and engaging environment for employees at Summit Credit Union's new headquarters through the use of environmental graphics.


Hear from Kevin Phelps, Vice President of University Book Store, about how Suttle-Straus helped him create a game day atmosphere at his new Hilldale store with custom retail graphics for the walls and a scoreboard display focal point to hang over the registers.