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We’d love for you to share our blog articles with your peers using the social media links provided at the end of each article. The more you share our content, the more we can help others learn best practices for print, direct mail, brand management, and more!

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We write blogs and provide additional resources (infographics, eBooks, etc) in an effort to bring more awareness and insight to the world of print and everything that goes along with it. By doing so, we hope to help marketers be more successful in achieving their own goals. If you share a similar philosophy and wish to share any of our content, we simply ask that you publish it in accordance to our attribution policy outlined below.

Content Attribution Policy

When sharing our content, whether partial or in its entirety, the original source and link must be always included in a reference list.

When part of the article references a Suttle-Straus article:

In lieu of a reference list or in cases where the Suttle-Straus article is the only source referenced, include the following statement at the end of the article and link the name of the article directly back to the original source on Suttle-Straus’ website:

Portions of this article were acquired from [name of article, linked], which was originally published to the Suttle-Straus Blog on [MM/DD/YY].

When republishing a Suttle-Straus article:

It is preferred that only an article summary be posted, which points to the Suttle-Straus blog for the full article. The following copy may be used following the summary, with the entire statement linking to the original article:

Read the full article on the Suttle-Straus blog.

If you wish to post the full article, we kindly request that you email to obtain permission. Also, the article must not be republished within 2 weeks of the original post date to the Suttle-Straus Blog and all links contained within the article must remain active.

Once permission has been granted, include the following statement in the beginning of the article and link the entire statement to the original source on the Suttle-Straus website:

This article was originally published in the Suttle-Straus Blog on [MM/DD/YY].

When referencing a piece of content other than a blog article (i.e. webinar, eBook):

Link the entire name of the download to the landing page URL with the offer. The link should always point to a landing page with a form to download the gated content (not to the pdf, directly). If a form does not appear, or you cannot locate the original download page, please contact us for further assistance.

If you have questions or need more information, please send an email to Thanks for sharing. We appreciate it!