As a manufacturer, we realize you rely on channel partners to embody your brand and make an impression on consumers. To make that impression as strong as possible, you need a distributed marketing solution that enables you and your network to assist both dealers and distributors in capturing a larger share of the market.

Generating revenue among your affiliate networks requires an organized local marketing strategy. The S4 Marketing Resource Center (MRC) empowers your affiliates to craft versatile campaigns that appeal directly to their customers while retaining brand standards every step of the way.

Strengthen Dealer-Distributor Relationships

The S4 MRC combines powerful media building and eCommerce into a single platform designed to strengthen the relationship between manufacturers, dealers and distributors by making marketing campaigns and promotional materials easy to plan, create, produce and distribute at the local level.

Strengthen your sales channel

Converting consumers into loyal customers takes a strong sales channel. Crafting compelling sales materials has never been easier with the S4 MRC easy-to-use customization tools and ordering system. Support your product lines and grab market share with a branded message designed to resonate directly at the local level.

Increase reach among customers

Give your channel partners more power to communicate with prospective customers with a variety of printed and digital media. With the S4 MRC, you can segment your marketing strategy at the local level and customize your brand message to give dealers and distributors exactly what they need to compel customers at the point of sale.

Simplify the approval process

The S4 MRC improves project efficiency without compromising accuracy. Using our simple approval system, your corporate team can retain complete control over quality without getting bogged down in the management process.

Reduce production costs

Suttle-Straus’ full-service production, kitting and distribution facility gives the S4 MRC clients access to world-class services all from one location. From initial planning to final distribution, we pass the savings of our all-in-one distributed marketing system directly on to you.