Suttle-Straus Awards Night Invite Featured by PaperSpecs


PaperSpecs recently featured a piece designed by the Suttle-Straus Creative team. This interactive sliding event invite was printed with two fluorescent inks and includes an interactive gate fold combined with a unique die cut. We're excited to be featured for this fun employee Awards Night piece!

Sabine Lenz, PaperSpecs, president and CEO, says, "It has everything I look for in such a piece: drama, inventiveness, and a confident use of gatefolds."

The main lesson learned from developing this creative invitation? Even an interactive piece can be created fairly simply.

Want more ideas? Click here for other design inspirations from our creative portfolio.

You can see a video about how this invite was designed and produced and request a sample here.

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Christine Edgren

Christine is the Graphic Design Team Leader at Suttle-Straus with over 13 years of design experience, 11 of those years with Suttle-Straus. Her background includes agency and in-house environments working on everything from brand development to painting a life-size cow for CowParade Wisconsin. Christine enjoys collaborating with clients on a variety of projects, seeing them through from concept to completion. Her passion for typography, design and unique papers led her to also teach aspiring designers at Madison College. Aside from her love of design, she enjoys being outdoors all year round with her husband, two kiddos and border collie mix rescue.
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