8 Calendar Ideas for the New Year


The start of a new year means everyone you know will be replacing at least one item in the house or office — their calendar! Calendars in all formats are a great way to keep your brand top of mind all year long, while providing value for the recipient as a useful item. And you don't have to do a standard wall calendar, like the one shown above. Here are eight other calendar formats you could try:


1. Desk Calendar

Instead of a calendar that hangs on the wall, create one that stands on its own as a desktop calendar. The UW Health Transplant Program creates a calendar each year sharing successful patient stories to give to those who donate to their program.


2. Perpetual Calendar

A perpetual calendar can stay relevant for even longer than a year. It doesn't match dates to the day of the week, but let's you write down important birthdays and anniversaries that you want to remember each year. The Returned Peace Corps Volunteers of Madison, Wisconsin created this perpetual calendar with images from destinations they have served in.


3. Recipe Calendar

If your brand should be seen in the kitchen, how about using a recipe calendar? This one by Royal Prestige has a magnet on the back to stick to the fridge, then each page can be torn off and flipped to reveal a new recipe each month!


4. Wall Calendar

If you decide to do a wall calendar, how about changing up the format? This wall calendar for the Anacostia Rail Holdings Company features each month on a tear off pad, so there's no need to "flip" to see the next month. The same art on top appears all year round.


5. Magnet Calendar

Print a calendar on a magnet so it can be stuck to a metal fridge or a filing cabinet. Alternatively, many small businesses print their school district's calendar or the schedule of the local high school, college, or professional sports teams as an easy reference they can give out to their local market.


6. Self-Sticking Calendar

Print your calendar on a substrate with a low-tack adhesive on the back and you can stick it anywhere - notebook covers, laptops, walls, appliances or windows!


7. Whiteboard Calendar

By printing on the second surface (backside) of clear acrylic you can create your own whiteboard-like calendar that your recipient can fill in with important dates and reminders each month. This example, and the black acrylic version below were custom designed by our Creative team.


8. Create-Your-Own Calendar Format

The sky's the limit on creating your own calendar idea. For our 2017 holiday card we created our own desktop calendar with stepped perforations and a unique binding solution using a clear rubber band.


If you'd like to get started planning your own custom calendar project, just contact us.

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