Looking to get the Attention of High-Level Decision Makers? Lumpy Mail May Be the Way

When you are targeting a defined group of high-value accounts in an Accounts-Based Marketing (ABM) strategy, lumpy mail or bulky mail can be an effective tool.

What is Lumpy Mail?

Lumpy mail or bulky mail is sending a dimensional package to a prospect or client that is thicker than a common letter. Usually a promotional product or item is packed inside a thicker mailpiece or box.

Why does lumpy mail work?

Unlike flat mail that can easily be discarded into the trash bin by executives or their assistants, bulky mail pieces often make it past the screening process and into the recipient's hands. The recipient also spends more time with the promotion than they would with a flat mailpiece they can scan quickly.

Here are some examples of effective lumpy mail pieces:

To encourage quoting a new product, an insurance company sent their agents a mailer that housed a surprise lollipop inside! This helped reinforce the message that getting a quote for this new product is "as easy as taking candy from a baby."


Lumpy mail stands out from the other mail in the pile due to its size and bulk in comparison to letters and postcards. It causes curiosity in the recipient to see what's inside. A pharmacy software company sent small recycling bins to encourage prospects to "trade in" their current contracts for a new system.


If your goal is to set sales appointments or a video demonstration, bulky mail can provide an incentive for a meeting. This IT consulting company offered to pay for a tailored shirt in exchange for a meeting about how they could "tailor" hardware and software solutions to meet a business need.


If you are selling a physical product, enclosing a sample of that product for the consumer can be an effective way for them to "try before they buy." A luxury carpet company did just that when they sent actual carpet samples through the mail so recipients could "feel the difference."


As a pre- or post-mailer to a tradeshow or conference can also be an effective use of bulky mail. This box containing mints, chapstick and sunscreen was shipped along with a card to enter for a booth giveaway.


Saying thank you to valued clients is a another great reason to use lumpy mail. At Suttle-Straus our annual holiday card is often a dimensional mailer because we want to stand out among the many cards that people receive towards the end of the year. This package included a photo coaster and two packages of hot cocoa.


A perceived downside to lumpy mail is that it is expensive. The cost of the item plus shipping makes this marketing strategy only viable for high-dollar sales contracts. So if you are selling a luxury item or a multi-year service contract then this solution may be right for you. Just make sure your mailing list is accurate and targeted to the best prospects, as every package that goes to the "wrong" person is money wasted.


Want more lumpy mail ideas? See our Creative portfolio and look under the "Dimensional" category.

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