4 Ways Your Lobby Could Make a Better First Impression

When people enter the front door of your business, what impression do they get about your brand? Based on your lobby appearance you could seem "boring and bland" or "polished and professional." Your lobby should set the tone for your overall brand customer experience. It can also help with employee recruitment and morale. Here are four ways you can improve your lobby's aesthetic appeal with indoor business signage and custom graphics:

1. Choose a Focal Point

When you enter through the doors, where do your eyes naturally go? At Suttle-Straus we knew the natural eyesight line would lead to the wall behind our reception desk, so we placed a prominent logo there and a picture of our team. Receptionist signs can be a great addition to your lobby's appearance.

Lobby graphics

Alternatively, consider what would you like to draw people's eyes to? At the University Book Store we helped create a scoreboard replica that hung from the ceiling. It acts as a focal point in the store and hangs directly above the cash registers.

University Book Store

2. Promote the Brand

Lobby logo signs are your chance to take your logo and make it more than just an image on your website. It's an opportunity to create the physical manifestation of your brand. OneNeck IT Solutions used brushed aluminum and dramatic lighting to give their logo a professional, corporate look.


3. Highlight Your Products

Fiskars products are known for being "ingeniously functional, uniquely user-friendly, impressively long-lasting and aesthetically iconic." The company used frosted acrylic displays adhered to their lobby wall using standoffs to highlight their product qualities with printed vinyl adhesive and lamination.

Acrylic is a long-lasting material that is more cost-effective, lighter and less fragile than glass. It presents a polished look for high-quality brands.


Weir used wall displays printed on metallic materials because their business involves heavy duty equipment for industrial industries like mining.

Lobby Ideas Header

4. Add a Wow Factor

Your lobby is your company's face to the world, so you can spend a little more to impress here versus other areas of the building that aren't seen by the public. Metallic accents, well-placed lighting and textured backgrounds allow this Graphite lobby logo sign to pop off the wall.

Graphite Wall Display

Dimensional component displays produce natural shadows giving them a fuller, more polished appearance. The University of Wisconsin Forward Center used a contour cut motion W that really broke the mold from standard signage.

Forward Center

With the variety of materials and printing techniques, your options for indoor business signage are almost limitless. To get more office signage ideas, visit our Office Design Ideas board on Pinterest.

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