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Key Takeaways from the 2016 Franchise Consumer Marketing Conference

In June 2016, three team members from Suttle-Straus attended the Franchise Consumer Marketing Conference (FCMC) in Atlanta, Georgia. As a vendor sponsor of the event, Karen Wenning, Amy Galabinski, and I enjoyed meeting the franchisors and having insightful conversations about their marketing successes and challenges. 

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What Are Your Pictures Saying About Your Brand?

Humans process visuals 60,000 times faster than text,1 which makes image selection one of the most powerful branding tools at a marketer’s disposal.

Before a snappy headline or offer has a chance to make an impression, odds are your audience is already forming an opinion about your brand based solely on the images they see.

Without clear-cut guidelines for image selection, marketers end up relying on their gut to make these crucial decisions. To help ease this process, consider asking these four questions next time you’re deciding if a picture truly speaks for your brand.

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Does Anyone Still Do Direct Mail?

As a marketer, this is probably a question you’ve heard before or maybe even asked yourself. It’s not surprising. In a world that has jumped on the digital bandwagon, less emphasis has been placed on the more traditional marketing channels, almost making them appear obsolete.

I was recently at a marketing luncheon, networking with like-minded marketers while learning the latest and greatest in social media. Out of nowhere, the woman sitting next to me asked the guy across from her, “Does anyone even do direct mail anymore?”

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The Best of 2015

With 2016 approaching, it’s time to reflect back on some of the most popular blog articles and videos of the last year. From creative design to mailing to sneak peeks of our team in action, see what others found to be the most enjoyable and beneficial content from Suttle-Straus.

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