4 Ideas to Improve Your Retail Showroom and Signage


The competition in retail is always brutal and stores are focused on getting people through the doors and making their monthly sales goals. Here are four new ideas for refreshing your retail showroom and signage for an improved customer experience and to make the lives of your store employees easier as well:

1. Create Walls That Pop

Rather than just a plain square logo, consider dimensional lettering applied directly to the wall. Dimensional component displays produce natural shadows giving them a fuller, more polished appearance.


2. Investigate Soft Signage

Many retailers are testing soft signage (graphics printed on fabrics) for displays. The benefits include an easier install for store staff, lower shipping costs, and less-awkward boxes because the signage can be easily folded. An LED backlit soft signage piece has much better aesthetics than old fluorescent light boxes. A switch to LED lighting also saves on energy costs.


3. Use Configurable Displays

If your store has products that change often and quickly (like phones and accessories), rather than recreating a point-of-purchase (POP) display for every release it's smarter to have permanent displays with configurable elements so products and promotional messaging can quickly and easily be swapped out. The displays shown below use acrylic holders and printed magnets that don't require professional installers.


4. Make Use of Windows

Remember every surface can be used for marketing and that includes windows! Signage can be added as permanent or temporary vinyl window clings or seasonal printed promotions that can be easily replaced in a matter of minutes.


Work with your print provider to explore new techniques in print to keep your store looking fresh and relevant. Look for cost savings by using a store management software system that allows you to only print the graphics a store needs based on the setup, instead of producing waste by printing the same package for every store. And always be on the lookout for features that can save store employees time and energy if your promotions change frequently.

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