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6 History Display Ideas for Your Company Walls

A company history display is a helpful resource for onboarding new employees and showcasing your storied past to visitors and clients. Universities have long found them useful for prospective student tours, and their use has been adopted by the corporate world.

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A Simple Guide to Font File Types

The differences between font files can get very technical, each has a list of pros and cons based on how you plan to use them. Most people don’t need a deep comprehension of these file types, just a basic understanding in order to work with their printer, web developer or graphic designer. This blog is meant to serve as a simple guide to ease font file confusion.

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What I Learned as a Designer Working in a Print Shop For a Year

As a graphic designer who previously worked at an agency that dealt mostly with digital and inbound marketing, I had mixed feelings about accepting a job at Suttle-Straus. The company seemed like a great fit, but I had only toured a printer once and I found it overwhelming. However, that was part of the appeal. Turns out, there’s a lot I can learn by getting out of my comfort zone.

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