Optimizing Roles and Permissions in your Marketing Software

Many marketers today rely on a host of marketing tools to help them create, distribute, and manage their marketing efforts. This may be in the form of marketing automation software, a brand management system, or any number of social following/sharing tools.

A lot of work goes into setting up these systems when they’re first implemented. However, the routine upkeep can sometimes fall short as more pressing priorities outweigh things like cleaning up data or reviewing permissions.

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New Direct Mail Technologies – What are they & what do they mean for postage?

Editor's note: The USPS promotion mentioned in this article has expired. To view current promotions from the US Postal Service, click here.

Direct mail continues to be a strong medium for many of today’s marketers, and the emergence of new technologies is just one of the ways it has remained competitive in an increasingly digital world. Advances in technology now allow the recipients to engage with a mailer via their smart phone or tablet, seamlessly blending the world of print and digital.

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9 Training Tips for Your New Distributed Marketing Platform

New software systems are great – when your team knows how to use them. When they don’t, one of two things typically happen (and in some cases, both):

  1. The data in the system gets messy, or
  2. People don’t use it all 

Unfortunately, these aren’t always easy problems to fix once they’ve happened. Investing time and energy into training at the onset, can save you headaches down the road.

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12 Quick Tips for Managing Your Marketing Resource Management System

This is part one of a 12-part blog series on making the most of your marketing resource management (MRM) system. Take a second and subscribe to our blog for email updates as we unveil the rest of our series over the next few weeks!

Whether you call it a MRM, a marketing resource center, or something else entirely, all of these systems help companies accomplish a crucial goal: Better control over marketing efforts across multiple locations.

But as helpful as these tools are, they’re only as good as the managers and administrators that keep them running smoothly. Whether it’s keeping users engaged, updating products, or making improvements to the features users rely on most, managing a marketing platform effectively can be a big task.

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